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Jan 23, 2016

Books reviewed 15.10.15

There are books for reading and sharing. Then there are books about reading and sharing – and they are not all academic.
How to read a story

Kate Messner, illustrated by Mark Siegel
Chronicle Books
ISBN 9781452112336
RRP: $287.99

Step One: Find a story.
Step Two: Find a reading buddy.
Step Three: Find a reading spot.
Now: Begin.

This book is how to enjoy reading, how to get involved with the story, being part of the drama and flying with your imagination. But there is more: settle into a comfy chair, make adventurous choices, use dramatic voices. The text explains ‘what to do’ while colourful cartooned illustrations show the ‘how to do’ in this clever book about the habits of reading.
What does monkey want?

David Wojtowycz
Walker Books
ISBN: 9781406355734
RRP: $14.95

This novelty book for the under 3s has see-through cut outs and simple slides to encourage reader interaction and sharing. Monkey is asked to try a number of very un-monkey-like activities; not until the end of the book is there one he takes to naturally and happily. This early peek at the difference between fantasy and reality shows they are equally enjoyable worlds for the imagination.
A Baby Walker board book.
Our Baby

Margaret Wild, illustrated by Karen Blair
Working Title Press
ISBN: 9781921504785
RRP: $24.99

Older sister talks about the baby in her family. After describing the diversity of various baby characteristics, she comes back to her own sibling. The reader realises that all babies are different but nevertheless all special. The book is very inclusive, gathering in families and parents of all kinds. Warm and homely illustrations, with soft colours and sketchy outlines suggest vitality, movement and loving inclusion. This sensitive family book is about tolerance as much as the binding strength of family love.