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Apr 19, 2014

The Brothers Quibble

Aaron Blabey
Penguin Viking
ISBN: 9780670076000           RRP: $24.99

In this book with its cleverly allusive title, Spalding has ruled the roost for some time it seems. Then his parents bring home a small surprise – brand new baby brother Bunny. Immediately Spalding begins to plot his resistance to this readjustment of family balance. Much mischief only gets him more time out. When Bunny starts to talk and calls his brother by his name, mayhem melts away. The ruler of the roost now has a brother in arms – though brotherly love is never too far away from another punch-up. The cartooned expressiveness of the artwork reveals a devilishly astute awareness of human nature. Sibling rivalry? It’s nothing serious. If they were chickens we would call it sorting out the pecking order.