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Oct 17, 2014

Oi Frog!

Kes Gray, illustrated by Jim Field
Hodder Children’s Books [Hachette]
ISBN: 9781444910858 (hbk) RRP: $24.99
ISBN: 9781444910865 (pbk) RRP: $12.99

Lots of wordplay in this ‘rule book’ for Dr Seuss rhymes. Cat – yes, sitting on a mat - tells Frog he should be on a log. Frog protests but Cat insists, and regales him with other rhyming imperatives for – lions on irons, indeed; parrots on carrots, unlikely; and cows on ploughs, barely imaginable. Some more plausible pairings – like foxes and boxes – are scattered amongst the outrageous if only for children to catch their breath from laughing. Then, what should be on a frog... ? Bright colours and a sharp cartooning style augment the humour as the nonsense grows