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Dec 6, 2014

How to babysit a Grandma

Jean Reagan, illustrated by Lee Wildish
Hodder Children’s Books [Hachette]
ISBN: 9780385753845            RRP: $14.99 (pbk)

A companion book to How to babysit a Grandad, here children learn how to take care of grandmothers on babysitting visits – to her house. Greet Grandma warmly, perhaps with a little surprise; keep Grandma busy, with a visit to the park and dressing up and other essential activities. When getting ready for bed, turn the pages of the bedtime book s-l-o-w-l-y so that Grandma has time to read the pictures. Choose the best sleeping place like the warm, cosy big bed – in Grandma’s room. Next day, when it’s time to go, give her a big cuddling hug; that way she will want you to babysit her again! Comical illustrations in sun-shining colours accent the delightful irony of this book for young and old alike.