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Dec 13, 2014

The croc and the platypus

Jackie Hosking, illustrated by Marjory Crosby-Fairall
Walker Books Australia
ISBN: 9781922077608           RRP: $24.95

By the second page the reader can recognise that this is a version of Edward Lear’s The owl and the pussycat. It’s a thoroughly Australian version as well, set in the outback, a rusty old Holden ute for a pea green boat, looking for a rock to camp near - where could that be? The words are narrative rather than nonsense in this version and the story is quite possible – given that it is a fantasy. The illustrations are skilfully drawn and designed, in a semi-realistic style using colours true to the red centre. This thoroughly entertaining book will appeal to Under 8 readers but please share Lear’s original as well.