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Apr 22, 2015

Vanilla ice cream

Bob Graham
Walker Books
ISBN: 9781406350098           RRP: $27.95

It’s not immediately obvious where this title comes from. A sparrow pecks at the dust near a food servery in India. It audaciously raids the plate of a customer, who brushes it away. Good fortune lands the sparrow in a bag of rice, enough food for a quarrel of sparrows. But fortune has placed this bag in the back of a lorry, heading to the docklands and a huge cargo ship ready to sail across the oceans. Some time later in Australia, grandparents and baby grandchild are sitting in a botanic gardens cafe, when down swoops a sparrow. Grandpa’s ice cream is dislodged, falling straight into baby’s lap. And Edie Irvine has her very first taste of vanilla ice cream. What mystery brings this sparrow to this ice cream? This gentle, family-centred story bears quiet reflection.