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Jul 5, 2015

The three little pigs

Retold by Margaret Lamond, illustrated by Jonathan Bentley
Series: Once upon a timeless tale
Little Hare Books [Hardie Grant Egmont]
ISBN: 9781921894916           RRP: $12.95

The modern versions of traditional fairy tales bear passing resemblance to their originals, being softened and sweetened for children’s consumption over time. In this series there is a hint of the gruesome, cautionary stuff that the originals once bore. For example, in this version the little pig of straw and the little pig of sticks fall foul of the wolf’s gustatory intentions for their foolishness. The chronicle of Wolf’s efforts to snare the brick-laying pig is spirited and witty, these final mischievous words summing up Wolf’s fate: And quite nice he tasted, too, though most people wouldn’t think so. Seek out this series when introducing children to their quintessential literature.

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