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Jun 4, 2016

Apocalypse Miaow Miaow

James Proimos III, illustrated by James Proimos Jr
Bloomsbury Books
ISBN: 9781408868157
RRP: $11.99

Finally, the promised sequel to Apocalypse Bow Wow and it is just as bizarre. Our intrepid survivors of the apocalyptic holocaust have made good use of the super-market they claimed. Now they are out of food. It is said that the abandoned Twonkies factory nearby is being guarded by a cat. If only it had been said what kind of cat it was! How this ragtail gang blunders into a solution to gain control of the Twonkies is absurdly hilarious. Read this book in one sitting – zany one page illustrations with madcap speech bubble captions shouldn’t be too hard. Survival reading for anyone worried about the end of the World.