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Jun 19, 2016

Archie – no ordinary sloth

Heath McKenzie
The Five Mile Press
ISBN: 9781760067892
RRP: $19.95

This is a masterly ironic story of a sloth that saves his friends because he is different. He is full of vitality, always on the go - and the other sloths can’t take any more! Archie finds other animals with a difference - a zebra without stripes, a grumpy hyena and the arborous hippopotamus. Then along comes a tiger, to sneak down beside them and Archie’s unusual talents chase him away. Comical, zany illustrations are filled with Archie’s zeal. And yes, all talents are special. (Apparently there is no collective noun for sloths because they are solitary – too slow to keep up with each other I guess. Just joking!)