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Jun 11, 2016


Jean Jullien
Frances Lincoln
ISBN: 9781847808189
RRP: $19.99

Ralf is without doubt a sausage dog though not a usual one, being in the size long range. He doesn’t have to go to any lengths to end up in trouble – he naturally gets tangled in mischief. One day he gets tangled in the electric cord of the iron. Quel disaster! That night the iron is left on – smoke! Quel another disaster! He must save his family and in a significant stretch of imagination he does. This is giggle-rich humour for young readers who won’t be surprised that Ralf’s family still loves him after all – even if he now has to coil up like a python to sit on their laps. The illustrations are comical and stylised, in flat colour with heavy black outlines. Their simplicity is a foil to the madness of the tale.