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Jan 2, 2017

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Jo Ryan, Natalie Munday and Amy Oliver
Priddy Books (PanMacmillan)
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Alphaprints ABC
Sarah Powell
Priddy Books (PanMacmillan)


In the early months, books need to be chunky to hold and safe – no sharp edges or corners – as well as brightly coloured, with high contrast, bold images and simple design. Alphaprints, a newly released range of concept books on traditional themes, meets these requirements ideally. Some books, for the earliest of readers, have single words as the text, to identify the pictures above them; two examples are Words and Numbers. For older children, books have more words, like ABC with a simple rhyming text that links the images. As a quirky point of tactile interest each image is built around embossed fingerprints. The pictures are completed using recognisable everyday items, like leaves for horse ears, pipe cleaners for jellyfish tentacles and carrots for rhinoceros horns. Adults need to share these books with the very young with drama and flair, modelling the kind of enthusiasm that shows reading to be fun!